Physical Education

Hello Parents,

I’m writing you in regards to your student and their physical fitness levels.  Two times a year we test your students fitness levels in these areas, cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, muscle endurance and flexibility.  These areas are tested to let your student know and understand the benefits of being physically fit.  I need your help for the next few months because I have personally challenged your child to improve their fitness levels through their own Physical Education homework.  I realize life gets incredibly busy but I’m hoping you can help your child implement a fitness routine into their everyday life while they watch their favorite television show if possible. 

Physical Education Homework

                The average 30 minute television show has 4 commercial breaks, during these commercial breaks I would like your child to perform some type of muscular strength, endurance or flexibility exercise to help improve their own fitness levels.  Example:  10 pushups and 10 sit-ups during each commercial break:  by the end of the program your child will have done 40 sit-ups and pushups.  If that is too easy or hard have them increase or decrease the number of repetitions they do per commercial break.  Here are some examples of daily exercises we do in Physical Education to help improve our fitness levels.  Sit-ups, Pushups, lunges, crabwalks, bear walks, upper and lower body stretches.  Here is a link with other ideas to help keep your child physically fit.



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