As we officially embark on our Summer Vacation, we want to give a huge "Thank You" to our students, their families and our community members for supporting our Thomson Staff during the course of this peculiar year. The pandemic we are experiencing has impacted everything and everyone in existence. It is a situation that nobody saw coming, and one that there was no official plan for.

    Thomson Elementary students, their families, community members and staff showed their strength, dedication, patience, understanding and love during these unknown waters we were thrust into on March 13th 2020. Our teachers worked tirelessly to learn new virtual learning platforms; to troubleshoot technical issues on the spot; to find ways to reach out to students and families who may have been struggling; to plan and develop a curriculum that would continue to support our students' education and they had to do all of this while adjusting to their own personal new norms! Our students, their families and our community members had to juggle their own personal lives while suddenly managing their students education from a first-hand view; they had to learn to technology and troubleshoot put forth a strong effort that proved their devotion to our Staff and their student;s education. Simply put, Thomson Tigers were triumphant during the first ever, full State-wide, Virtual Learning experience! 

    We know that there is still a lot of unknown when it comes to what next year will look like for everyone. We want you all to know that we are still here and will continue to be here to support you, listen to you and help you during the course of whatever is to come. We also want you to take some time this summer to let go of the worries, the stress, the sadness, the anxiety, and the hopelessness and truly just focus on yourselves and those that mean the most to you. We are in a situation that is out of our control, but we have all proven that we are more than capable of succeeding, no matter the context the message is delivered or the location we may be in. Continue to check our website and your emails for important messages and updates about community resources and future plans. But most importantly, have a safe Summer Vacation. Thomson Tigers YOU are 
    ROARfully terriffic!

    Summer SEL Resource Doc_ Thomson Elementary.pdf